Will the Marital Status of Applicants Affect Adoption in Arizona

adoption in arizona

Will the Marital Status of Applicants Affect Adoption in Arizona

There’s a common belief that a person will have to be a part of a married couple in order to adopt children in Arizona. The qualification criteria for adoptive parents in the state are defined by law and you may be surprised to find out that adoption in Arizona is pretty lenient when it comes to a person’s chance to become an adoptive parent.

Qualification Criteria

Any adult who is a resident of Arizona has the right to adopt a child. The requirements focus on the well being of the child, which means that the prospective adoptive parent should be capable of meeting the social, physical and mental health needs of the child.

There is one exception in which a married couple may be at an advantage if all of the other criteria are met.

Whenever a single individual and a married couple both qualify for the adoption of a child, the married couple will receive preference for placement. This doesn’t mean a single man or a woman that are certified to adopt will not get this opportunity. They will simply be at a disadvantage whenever a married couple is keen on adopting the same child.

A single person will get better adoption options whenever there’s no married couple interested in adopting the child, when they’re a relative to the child in question and whenever there is a risk of lengthy placement in foster care for the child.

The most important considerations when potential adoptive parents are being examined include the following:

  • The wishes of the child, whenever they’re over the age of 12
  • The chance of placement with siblings
  • Established relationship between the child and the prospective adoptive parent
  • The ability of the adoptive parent to financially meet the needs of the child
  • The availability of relatives to provide support
  • The wishes of the child’s birth parents
  • Marital status and length of the marriage (for the purpose of establishing stability as far as adoptive couples are concerned)

Unmarried Couples and Adoption in Arizona

Whenever a married couple attempts to adopt a child in Arizona, both of them will become adoptive parents upon approval.

In the case of unmarried couples, the situation is a bit different.

Unmarried couples in Arizona currently do not have the right to adopt together. This means that one of them will have to express the individual desire to apply for adoption. This member of the couple will go through the process on their own.

The rule applies to both same sex and heterosexual couples that haven’t gotten married.

This is the main difference between Arizona and several other parts of the US. In various states, it’s already possible for unmarried individuals to go for co-parent or second parent adoptions. These regulations allow for a second legal parent-child relationship to be established, enabling both partners to be adoptive parents.

Being Successful Depends on having a Good Understanding of Adoption Laws

Whether you are a single person or a member of an unmarried couple, you need to have an excellent understanding of Arizona adoption laws in order to be successful. As you’ve already seen, you can be at a disadvantage whenever a married couple is interested in adopting the same child.

adoption in arizonaThe situation is more or less the same as far as being a foster parent.

Arizona’s requirements for foster parents include being at least 21, being a legal US/Arizona resident and being either a renter or a home-owner. Married, single, divorced and widowed individuals can all apply to be foster parents.

Keep in mind there’s no requirement for individuals to first be foster parents in order to adopt a child. Being a foster parent for a certain period of time may be a good option for the individuals who aren’t certain yet that adoption is the right possibility for them.