What Happens if My Ex is Not Allowing Visitation in Arizona?

What Happens if My Ex is Not Allowing Visitation in Arizona?

What Happens if My Ex Is Not Allowing Visitation in Arizona?

If you find out that your ex is planning on keeping your children from you this summer, you need help. Call your Arizona custody and have them file your motion to enforce if necessary. You can’t sit idly by while your ex takes your kids away. You are entitled to time with your children. Let them see that you take this seriously.

What Does Your Custody Arrangement Say?

Every custody agreement is different. Make sure you give you Arizona custody lawyer a copy of the agreement before they file any motions. Your Arizona custody lawyer will need to see if this is something that once they’ve dealt with in your part of Arizona before. If it is, they’ll look to see what worked to convince the court to go your way in the first place. They’ll reiterate that argument and push so you’ve much in your account.

Do You Have a Court Order?

One of the first things your Arizona custody lawyer will need is a copy of your agreement. It could be part of your final divorce, or it may be on your person. In the phone call you have with your attorney, give them a rundown of what the court order states. You have no choice – whatever the order says is what you have to follow. Your Arizona custody lawyer can file a motion with the court to request a change in custody. Along with the motion, they’ll need to include a certification that spells out, in detail, what happened that caused your ex to forbid you from having their children get alone.

Your Arizona Custody Lawyer Can Call Your Ex’ Attorney

Usually, these things can be resolved with a simple phone call to your ex’ lawyer. Your Arizona custody lawyer will send them a copy of your child custody agreement and find out why your ex refuses to comply. There is a chance their attorney has no idea what’s going on. Once they find out, they may be able to contact their client and talk some sense into her. If she still refuses to let you see the children, your Arizona custody lawyer will file a motion right away. Once you file your motion to enforce, you’ll go before the judge in court. In a situation like this, where there was no reason to withhold visitation, the judge’s decision should be easy. If they have questions, your Arizona custody lawyer can hold her own here.

Don’t Take Matters into Your Own Hands

If you were supposed to have your children for the summer and you ex won’t turn them over, you’re feeling angry and frustrated. Your divorce agreement states that you’re allowed to have the children for their summer break. You have no idea why your ex won’t comply. What you should do is call and talk to an experienced Arizona custody lawyer as soon as possible. You don’t want to do anything you’ll regret. The court will not look kindly on that. As angry as you are that your ex-wife took your kids away, let your Arizona custody lawyer handle it for you.

Before you do anything you can’t take back, call and talk to one of our Arizona custody lawyers. They can review your divorce agreement and see what sort of action they need to take next. Ideally, they’ll be able to talk to your ex’ attorney and work something out However, if they’re not listening to reason, then you may have no choice but to file a motion with the court.