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property foreclosure in a divorce

Facing Property Foreclosure in a Divorce

Facing Property Foreclosure in a Divorce Facing a divorce and a foreclosure at the same time will test you but the truth of the matter is that many couples face such circumstances. An Arizona divorce, unless it’s an amicable one, can have serious financial consequences. You may think that the divorce proceedings themselves finalize the court […]
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arizona divorce be undone

Can an Arizona Divorce Be Undone?

Can an Arizona Divorce Be Undone? A divorce is a final sentence that marks the end of a marriage. This is why you have to take the decision seriously. States like Arizona have additional measures aimed at reducing the risk of regrets. There’s a 60-day waiting period, giving couples a chance to cool off and […]
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adoption cost in arizona

How Much Does Adoption Cost in Arizona?

How Much does Adoption Cost in Arizona? Adoption provides a wonderful opportunity to start a family with the person you love or to have another child. If you’re going through the Arizona adoption process for the first time, however, you may worry about the practical implications. How much does adoption cost in Arizona and will […]
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