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Practice Areas in Which We Specialize

Divorce –

The practice area of divorce varies widely depending on the details specific to the individual case. At AZ Family Law, our network of skilled family law attorneys promise to passionately fight for your interests throughout the duration of your case.

At AZ Family Law, we embrace the idea of collaborative divorce when circumstances allow. A collaborative divorce is a legal process available to couples who have decided to divorce. It involves amicable negotiations outside of court with the assistance of legal, financial and child specialists. The goal is to develop a fair post-marital contract without creating the emotional and financial stress often associated with a contested divorce.

In cases where a collaborative divorce is not possible, our attorney work tirelessly to obtain the best possible outcome in your case, while expediting the process of your contested divorce. We understand that divorce is often an emotionally draining process. As a result, we work hard to alleviate as much of this stress as possible.

Child Custody –

At AZ Family Law we understand that your children are likely your most prized possessions. The thought of losing them understandably causes extreme distress and, as a result, the outcome of your child custody matter will likely have life altering consequences. For this reason, our family law attorneys are dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcome in your case.

Whether you need to establish a new agreement addressing “legal decision making” and “parenting time” or you hope to modify an agreement already in existence, our attorneys are ready to aggressively and compassionately represent your custody matter.

Property Division –

One of the more contentious aspect of divorce involves the division of marital property – who gets what. Typically, state law governs the method of property division between a divorcing couple and generally falls into one of two methods of division: community property and equitable distribution.

Arizona state law defines Arizona as a community property state. In the most general of terms, this means that each spouse is entitled to half of all property acquired during the marriage. In other terms, both property and debt accumulated in the marriage is to be divided equally between the two partners in the event of a divorce.

It is important to note that there are exceptions to what is considered community property, as certain pre-marital assets, gifts or inheritances and pension proceeds may be considered separate from the community. This is why it is important to include a knowledgeable family law attorney in the division of marital property in Arizona.

Mediation –

It is inevitable that couples navigating divorce will encounter topics that they disagree upon. Even highly collaborative couples encounter will likely need to utilize some degree of negotiation and compromise to reach an agreement that is mutually accepted. Our experienced Arizona family law attorneys are here to help with this process of mediation.

A mediator should be considered a neutral third party. An attorney mediator is not hired to specifically represent one of the involved parties, but instead serves as a neutral party that facilitates the discussions at hand. A mediator does not make decisions, but instead helps couples come to mutually acceptable decisions on their own.

Child Support and Support Enforcement –

When a divorcing couple shares minor children, the divorce decree typically includes a child support order. Alternately, in the case of an unmarried couple, a child support order is often associated with the paternity judgement. In both cases, the child support order is a court document that defines what a parent will financially contribute for child support and when they will do so.

The attorneys at AZ Family Law, PLLC can assist you with all matters related to Arizona child support order. This includes obtaining a new child support order, modifying an existing order or enforcing an order that is not currently being paid as agreed upon.

Spousal Maintenance –

The financial implications of divorce are a common source of stress for the parties involved. In many cases, one of the separating individuals may find themselves in a position where they cannot afford their regular living expenses. In these cases, the court may require that the higher earning spouse provide financial assistance for some period of time.

Often times, a court will consider numerous factors when determining whether spousal maintenance is appropriate, including: standard of living during marriage, length of marriage, the financial resources and earning ability of both parties, and others. Achieving and enforcing a fair spousal maintenance agreement is of the utmost importance in a divorce. Your financial health may depend on it. This is why it is import to involve an experienced family law attorney in the process.

Parenting time –

In simple terms, parenting time is simply the time that you spend with your child or children. This can be time spent on vacations and outings, or simply time spent at home. In cases where parents are not married or are separated, a parenting time plan is essential to outline the schedule of time that each parent will spend with the children.

Your AZ Family Law attorney can help you devise the parenting time plan that best suits your specific situation and fight to ensure that the court implements these terms.