Alimony in Arizona: How is it Calculated?

Alimony in Arizona: How is it Calculated?

alimony in arizonaWhen you get divorced, you need to divide your assets. You also have to divide the liabilities. In an ideal world, the two parties would divide everything evenly and go their separate ways. However, it is never that simple. […]

Step-Parent Involvement in Family Law

Bringing the Step-parent Into the Family Law Case


Family law cases – child support, paternity, and divorce cases, for example – are generally disputes involving two parties: the parents or the separating spouses. It is rare for other “parties” to be brought into the family law case as direct participants. There is good reason for this: […]

How to Make the Most Out of Mediation


mediator hard jobChances are good that at some point during your family law or custody case you will be asked to submit to mediation. Some courts require parties to attempt to resolve their custody or divorce-related disputes to a mediator and attempt to reach a resolution; […]

United States Adoption Laws

Introduction to Adoption Law

Adopted child holding fingerThe desire to have a family is not always an easy dream to accomplish. There are many factors that contribute to beginning a family. First, can the mother conceive a child? Can father conceive a child? What about same-sex couples? […]

The How and Why of Marriage in Family Law

The Creation and Benefits of a Marriage

Marriage is more than just two people falling in love and deciding to spend their lives together – it is a formal, and binding contract. Marriage is a legal status that results from a contract between two people to mutually promise to live together in the relationship of spouse […]

Grandparents Rights to Child Custody or Visitation

Most grandparents will tell you that they feel an almost indescribable bond to their grandchildren. Sadly, there are some situations where family circumstances attempt to restrict grandparents from access to their grandchildren. Whether this is due to a death in the family or a falling out, these situations can be heartbreaking for all involved. For […]

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