Social Media Prenups: What are They and Do You Need One?

Social Media Prenups: What Are They and do You Need One?

Prenuptial agreements (prenups) come in all shapes and sizes. The couple focuses on issues and assets of importance, thus a prenup can be highly personalized. New times are calling for new precautions prior to getting married. Social media prenups are one of such precautions.

What is […]

The Specifics of Prenuptial Agreements in Arizona

The Specifics of Prenuptial Agreements in Arizona and Their Impact on a Divorce

Getting married is usually emotional and most people don’t take the time to go through practical considerations. These, however, happen to be quite important because marriage is a legal contract between two people. One of the most typical practical considerations comes in the form […]

Three Things Prenuptial Agreements Cannot Do


prenuptial agreementA prenuptial agreement (sometimes simply referred to as a “prenup”) is a powerful contract that can be useful in protecting one spouse’s assets from division by the court in the event of a divorce. Spouses can agree how any property they should acquire as a […]

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