How Domestic Violence Impacts Family Law Cases

victim of domestic violence

Introduction to Domestic Violence and Family Law Cases

Domestic violence can affect a family law case in many different ways. For starters, it could be the reason why a divorce is pending, or why one person is seeking an order of protection. No matter […]

Prenuptial Agreements

Introduction to Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a written contract created by two people before they are married. A prenuptial agreement is often referred to as a “prenup”.  A prenuptial agreement typically includes a list of property that each person owns, a list of debts each person has, and a specification of […]

Three Things Prenuptial Agreements Cannot Do


prenuptial agreementA prenuptial agreement (sometimes simply referred to as a “prenup”) is a powerful contract that can be useful in protecting one spouse’s assets from division by the court in the event of a divorce. Spouses can agree how any property they should acquire as a […]

Statistics about Divorce in Arizona

Talking To Children About Divorce

One of the most difficult aspects of working as a family law attorney is seeing the impact that turmoil in a household can have on the children involved.  In some scenarios, divorce is ultimately the best resolution to marital turmoil. It is important to remember that it is difficult for a child to be happy […]

Dissolution of a Marriage with Divorce

Introduction to Ways to Dissolve a Marriage through Divorce

Even though wedding vows are meant to be till death does the couple part – that is just not always how a marriage works out. There are a lot of options for a married couple when the marriage is no longer functioning in the manner the couple […]

3 Ways to Leave Your Lover

Legal Separation and Annulment as Alternative Ways to Dissolve a Marriage

When it comes to wanting to dissolve an unhappy marriage, divorce is typically the first and sometimes only option that comes to a persons mind. Divorce however, is not the only option for a couple that no longer wants to be together. There are two […]

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