How to Restore a Former Name After an Arizona Divorce

How to Restore a Former Name after an Arizona Divorce

So many little considerations and changes will occur in the aftermath of a divorce. While handling the biggest issues, you will also have to take care of smaller tasks. Changing your name after a divorce is one of these essentials. The completion of several simple steps is […]

What are the Arizona Divorce Laws?

What Are The Arizona Divorce Laws?

In Arizona, divorce is referred to as a dissolution of marriage. To file for dissolution of marriage, one of the two parties must have lived in the state or be stationed in the state with the Armed Forces for at least 90 days before filing the petition to end the […]

Can You Change Judges in Your Arizona Divorce?

Can You Change Judges in Your Arizona Divorce?

Requesting a new judge in a family law case – is that possible in Arizona? In Arizona, to change judges is a matter of grace. Rule 42(f)(1) from the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure, for example, allows either party in divorce proceedings to request a magistrate change. This […]

Everything You Need to Know Re No Fault Divorce in Arizona

Everything You Need to Know about No Fault Divorce in Arizona

Legislature pertaining to divorce and proving blame/responsibility for the end of the partnership varies from state to state. Arizona is one of the places in the US that have no-fault regulations. This means that spouses don’t have to prove blame or […]

Pets in Divorce Proceedings

Introduction to Pets in Divorce Proceedings

custody of dogWhen it comes to pets, the law is fairly clear on how pets are viewed – and that is pets are property. If you are a pet owner, it is more likely than not you view your pet as […]

The Divorce has been Finalized. Now What?

Introduction to The Divorce Has Been Finalized – What Now?

divorce is finalizedOnce a divorce has been finalized, either by a decree entered in by the judge or through agreement of the parties that is rarely the final step in the process. There is a lot that […]

How to Make the Most Out of Mediation


mediator hard jobChances are good that at some point during your family law or custody case you will be asked to submit to mediation. Some courts require parties to attempt to resolve their custody or divorce-related disputes to a mediator and attempt to reach a resolution; […]

Should I Save My Emails When Getting Divorce?

I am Getting Divorced. Should I Save Emails and other Communications for my Divorce Case?

When getting divorced, it is not uncommon at all for soon-to-be ex-spouses and parents with a child in common to communicate with one another. Sometimes this communication will take place in person or over the telephone. In other cases, communication will […]

Can I Demand Pet Visitation Hours in a Divorce?

Overview of Pet Visitation

pets in divorceAs one court recently noted, pets in our modern society are viewed more than mere items of property. For some individuals, pets are friends, coworkers, and defenders. A trusted family diligently guard’s the family’s children. A dedicated feline friend can help […]

Introduction to Child Custody Cases

Introduction to The Tragedy of Child Custody Cases

Going through a divorce proceeding is not an easy process by any means. This becomes even more painfully true when children are involved. Not only will your life get turned upside down with your soon to be ex-spouse, you will have limitations on how often you can see […]

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