Child Custody


Leaving the State with Minor Children: Temporary and Permanent Trips


Introduction to Leaving the State with Minor Children: Temporary and Permanent Trips 

It is not uncommon for people to want to move, either within a city or even out of state. There are dozens of reasons why a person or a family would want to move; work, school, family, military, or any number of other reasons. […]

Suspending and Terminating Child Custody Rights


mom had custody of childrenBeing a parent is often described in terms of rights and responsibilities. For example, while the parent of a child is expected to financially support his or her child and take actions that further the general health and welfare of his or […]

Introduction to Child Custody Cases

Introduction to The Tragedy of Child Custody Cases

Going through a divorce proceeding is not an easy process by any means. This becomes even more painfully true when children are involved. Not only will your life get turned upside down with your soon to be ex-spouse, you will have limitations on how often you can see […]

DUI and Family Law

Introduction How a DUI Can Affect Legal Decision Making for a Parent

Legal decision making is determined on a case by case basis and the judge will take a lot of factors into consideration when making this determination. Alcohol and drug use often times play a large role when the court is determining custody of your […]

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