Can You Get Alimony If You Remarry in Arizona?

Can You Get Alimony If You Remarry in Arizona

Can You Get Alimony if You Remarry in Arizona?

When you get divorced, you may have been awarded alimony. Like it or not, it’s usually the woman who gets alimony. That’s because it’s often the woman who stays home with the kids, so her husband makes the larger salary. Your divorce lawyer in Arizona fought hard to get you the alimony you need to maintain a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. Now you’re worried you’ll lose it if you get remarried. You may be able to find a divorce lawyer in Arizona who promises you they can keep your alimony intact. That’s simply not true. You want an attorney who will be honest with you. That’s why you should call our office.

Alimony is Never a Guarantee in Arizona

Just as your divorce lawyer in Arizona explained that there’s never a guarantee you’ll get alimony as part of your divorce, the same is true now. If you get married, there an almost 100% chance you’ll lose your alimony. Just living with a new man or woman can jeopardize your spousal support. It’s not like child support which is meant to help feed and clothe your kids. A new husband or wife is not required to support your kids although most often do. But the chance of a new husband is almost a promise that he’ll help contribute to the household bills. This means you don’t need support from your ex-spouse.

Your Divorce Lawyer I Arizona Will Fight to Get You Spousal Support

If you’ve already remarried, there isn’t much your divorce lawyer in Arizona can do to help. The judge is going to look at your situation and determine that you no longer need to depend on financial support from your old spouse. If you are considering getting married but want to find out from a judge, you may be making a huge mistake. There’s the chance that your ex won’t find about your remarriage for months or even longer. Alimony doesn’t stop because you got married. Alimony terminates because your ex-husband finds out you got divorced and file motion to terminate alimony. Once you call a divorce lawyer in Arizona gets involved, they’ll have to let the court know what you’ve done.

What if You Just Live with Another Paramour?

Some women think that, just because they cohabitate without getting married, they should still receive alimony. The truth is that the court is going to look to see if you need the money. If they feel you can live quite comfortably without alimony, they may terminate alimony. Your attorney is going to have to prove that this isn’t the case in order to not have your alimony terminated or reduced. It also won’t be hard to prove you’re living with someone. They can hire a private investigator. Or they can take picture themselves or take screen prints from Facebook. Any good attorney could prove it in a matter of minutes let alone hours.

Call and Get Expert Advice from Our Divorce Lawyers in Arizona

A lot of your friends and family member will insist they know they law. They’ll tell you about a friend of a friend who got married and kept their alimony. Or they’ll tell you certain divorce Lawyers in Arizona have special relationships with the judges. Don’t believe what you hear unless it’s coming from an attorney. There’s a reason why they went to law school for three or four years. They know the law and will tell you the truth. All you have to do is call and schedule your initial consultation.