Author: AZ Family Law Team

court ordered mediation

Court Ordered Mediation in Arizona

Court Ordered Mediation in Arizona In many family court disputes, the use of a mediator is often preferred over a court hearing. A mediation agreement is considered binding when both parties come to an agreement and sign reflecting as much. Who is this mediator that works with both parties to come to an agreement on […]
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Calculating Alimony in Arizona

Calculating Alimony in Arizona There is no specific calculation that is used in the state of Arizona for appropriate alimony amounts. There are several steps that the courts will use to determine the length and amount of alimony to be paid. The courts may also refer to alimony as spousal maintenance in Arizona. The legal […]
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alimony guidelines

Alimony Guidelines in Arizona

Alimony Guidelines in Arizona Alimony is a monetary legal obligation of a spouse to another spouse to provide financial support before and after a legal separation. This obligation is also referred to as spousal support. In the state of Arizona, this is called spousal maintenance. The court is the one in charge of ordering spousal […]
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