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effective co parenting

Effective Co Parenting in Arizona

Effective Co Parenting in Arizona Co-parenting is one of the best arrangements for your child in the aftermath of a divorce. Many newly divorced parents, however, will struggle because a massive adjustment is required to make co-parenting successful. You have to understand the fact that you’re free to move forward as an individual but you’re […]
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student loans and divorce

Student Loans and Divorce in Arizona

Student Loans and Divorce in Arizona We know that you did not get married thinking about divorce. However, separation is often the best route that a couple can take if they are unable to resolve their differences. We also know that an overwhelming number of Americans have student loan debt. What happens when divorce and […]
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how to get married in arizona

How to Get Married in Arizona

How to Get Married in Arizona Marriage has significant state and federal implications as a legal status.  This blogpost will discuss the obligations and requirements on how to apply for a marriage license in Arizona Each county in Arizona has at least one location where couples can apply for marriage licenses.  In this blogpost we […]
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arizona family law rules

Arizona Family Law Rules

Arizona Family Law Rules Family law court is a unique part of the American judicial system.  Because of the nature of this area, interactions between the law and the family, it can be an intense environment.  This blogpost will look at the unique aspects of Arizona family law. Arizona Family Law Terms and Forms A […]
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